The product brand is “YIYOU”.

   Our products include graphite pencil lead of 6H—H、HB、B—10B.

   The color pencil lead of A-Grade、E-Grade、F-Grade、multicolor、kinds of standard.

   The special lead of metal、water soluble、glass etcetera . Sketch woodless series , Be subjected to the great

   fame of domestic and international customer deeply.

   Most products are exported to countries and regions like the United States , South America ,Europe ,the Middle

   East ,HK , Republic of Korea , Japan and South Asia and enjoy world fame.

Welcoming the domestic and international friend talks over, guiding.

   主要产品有,石墨铅芯:6H—H. HB. B—10B。

   彩色铅芯: A级,E级,F级,多种颜色,各种规格。



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